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7 Trends Deeply Affecting Global e-Invoicing Compliance


This webinar ran on March 6th 2019.

Pulling on findings from the recently published 10th edition of Sovos’ annual whitepaper, “Trends in eInvoicing Compliance,” this webinar outlines the global trend towards real-time tax ‘clearance’ of invoices, and how this impacts businesses’ day-to-day operations and B2B transaction automation strategies.

The trend towards compulsory integration of e-business systems with public authorities has continued to accelerate. The growing consensus among e-invoicing and VAT professionals is that indirect tax controls are quickly evolving towards real-time whereby tax administrations become a 'third trading partner' in the exchange of sales and purchasing data between suppliers and buyers.

This webinar provides:

  1. A summary of the global regulatory status
  2. An in-depth analysis of the ways tax authorities around the world use e-invoices to increase collection rates
  3. Insight into how companies can push towards automation with tax administrations without fragmenting or contradicting their wider digital transformation of business processes


Presentation Slides: