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Airbus Flying High with AI: 99% Accuracy in T&E


With Covid came home-working and economic strain. Companies already using AI had an advantage. Early-adopter Airbus Americas has been using AI-powered spend technology in T&E since 2018 and they’ve seen tremendous results during that time.

Richard Masci, Head of Financial System Services and Compliance, and Waqas Aman, Financial Systems & Compliance Manager at Airbus Americas, will be joining me for this fascinating webinar, revealing how they implemented AI with great success.

From the start of their journey – manually auditing over 25,000 reports annually across a vast array of languages while still staying compliant – to their end-goal of 100% audit with zero ambiguities, we’ll be examining their successes and lessons learned.

Download the presentation to discover:

  • The KPIs they’ve achieved i.e. 91% reduction in effort and an increased accuracy rate of 99.18%
  • How they are on track to realize $1m in savings
  • The positive changes in employees’ behavior and the resulting increase in compliance
  • Where their journey will take them next

Download or view the presentation:

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