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Building the Future Around AI: Arthur J Gallagher's Digital Transformation Journey


Arthur J Gallagher's use of AppZen’s Expense Audit resulted in a reduction in T&E spend in the second half of 2020 of around $150,000. In addition, they were able to give back more than 350 hours of time to auditors and managers involved in the T&E process. The company is now looking to the future with an appetite for further automation.

In this webinar, Harriet Washburn, Director of Sourcing, will share the organization’s digital transformation journey so far, and explain how working with AppZen has inspired plans to use AI across their entire accounts payable process and to implement AI solutions for other non-finance functions.

Harriet will reveal:

  • Savings Arthur J Gallagher has enjoyed by using AI to audit expense claims
  • Discreet monitoring of expense claims, identifying duplicates and errors and stopping incorrect claims before they’re paid out
  • Better reporting and ability to identify and correct non-compliant behaviours
  • Other benefits of the AI solution, including higher awareness of best practice amongst employees
  • How AI audit has helped Arthur J Gallagher to manage the pandemic
  • Arthur J Gallagher’s plans for the future and its continued digital transformation journey

Download the presentation below:

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