Title reads: Finance Transformation: What’s Working, What’s Not. Blue background. Image of two icons of people. One has a broken lightbulb weighing him down. One person icon is floating up on a bright lightbulb. Two person created different ideas but only one is having success, while the other fails. Vector artwork shows the concept of idea success and failure.

Finance Transformation: What’s Working, What’s Not


Successful automation and transformation help finance teams thrive. Yet the majority of finance transformation programs fail to achieve their intended outcomes. How can failure be avoided…?

We analyze the latest findings from our finance transformation research. We will explore

·       How successful have finance automation projects been for shared services?

·       What the top goals are – and technology deployed to achieve them

·       The top 3 challenges on automation journeys

Unlock the secrets behind successful finance automation, fostering growth and excellence in finance shared services.

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