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How AOL Re-Shored Finance With an Innovative BPO Model


A new outsourcing model has hit North America. Liberty Source is an onshore outsourcer, employing spouses and veterans of the military community, and offering services at a landed cost that can compete with far shore locations.

Twelve months ago Liberty Source started to take on clients. In this webinar, we looked at their journey with one of those clients: AOL.

AOL had partnered with a tier 1 outsourcer until the transition to Liberty Source. This 60 minute webinar examines:

  • What compelled AOL to switch from their established provider and bring the services onshore
  • How the transition happened
  • What the new relationship with Liberty Source looks like and how it works
  • The difference between the two service providers
  • Learnings from working with this innovative model
  • More about the Liberty Source proposition and vision