How Cargill Improved Working Capital with Digital Transformation


With 70 business units and 27 different ERP instances, the Order-to-Cash leaders at Cargill struggled to reduce costs as they worked to improve process efficiency and achieve higher customer satisfaction. Technology proved to be a solution to all their OTC challenges. 

Join Gunther Smets, Global Credit to Cash Process Manager from Cargill, for a step-by-step walkthrough of their digital transformation strategy. Learn how RPA and AI helped them improve working capital through process efficiencies in customer on-boarding, credit scoring, collections correspondence and dispute resolution.

  • Cargill's process maturity assessment for credit and collections
  • How to increase AR process run rate efficiency with technology
  • Maintaining steady DSO while increasing credit terms
  • Improving process visibility and transparency for better prioritization of improvement opportunities
  • How Cargill leveraged digital transformation to improve their working capital



Gunther Smets

Gunther Smets

Global Credit to Cash Process Manager
Susie West

Susie West

Tanya Arrowsmith

Tanya Arrowsmith

Marketing Manager, EMEA
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