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How Core Health & Fitness Improved Cash Flow and Collection Time


Core Health & Fitness is a global manufacturer of fitness equipment including Stairmaster, StarTrac, Nautilus and Schwinn brands.

Prior to automating their collections process, they had a lot of time-consuming manual touchpoints which kept them from getting paid on time. Learn how they automated using Esker and how they were able to:

  • Increase receivables by 30%
  • Achieve a 100% customer adoption rate
  • Accelerate collections through root cause analysis, helping them identify why payments were late and addressing those causes immediately
  • Improve collections current ratio from 65% to 95%

Learn how they were able to seamlessly implement a solution in just 6 weeks and how they are leveraging on-the-go access and automated payment reminders.

If you are looking for ways to modernize and digitized your AR and OTC processes, download the presentation.

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