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Is Your Organization Ready? Preparing for P2P Digital Transformation


Many companies are now realizing that Digital Transformation is no longer an option, but an inevitability. But it’s not something that will happen over the course of months or even a year. Digital transformation will require sustained attention, investment and energy.

It is a marathon, not a sprint - and marathons require preparation.

Recognizing this, sharedserviceslink and SAP Ariba ran a webinar on how to prepare your P2P organization for digital transformation.

Download the slides today for insight on:

  • Who should be driving digital transformation?
  • The goals for the key stakeholders in AP, Procurement, IT
  • What are some of the quick wins in automating and transforming P2P?
  • Tips for getting your organization ready for digital transformation

Download the slides now to help you get your organization in shape and ready for the future: