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Online Masterclass: How to Avoid Disaster in Your Shared Services and BPO Negotiations


Have you worked with an outsourcing partner and soon after the deal’s been signed had a ‘bad feeling’? Or have you set up a shared services organization, but when talking to your internal client, realised there is a significant gap in expectations?

This online Masterclass picks through the do’s and don’t’s when entering into a partnership. Steve Koutros, who has assisted many clients get into contracts with outsourcers, and importantly get out of contracts, and has worked on deals sized at €800 million down to €5 million, shares his lessons learned from the field and discusses:

  • What a Deal Strategy Tool Kit looks like
  • How to best prepare for a negotiation
  • The important questions worth asking  before a negotiation, including, ‘what am I happy to trade?’
  • The spirit of a negotiation – tactics that have worked, and tactics that should be avoided
  • How to manage an outsourcing RFP, selection and contract negotiation process elegantly and over a contained period of time
  • What needs to be done in parallel to outsourcing with the retained organization
  • How you can re-negotiate a deal that is already signed
  • What to do if the outsourcer’s service is fine, but it doesn’t support your revised company strategy
  • How to leave a contract and make sure it doesn’t turn ugly
  • How to proceed if you personally have picked up a ‘junk contract’
  • The partnership pillars to have in place when setting up shared services internally
  • How to deal with scope creep

This masterclass provides you with 45 minutes of advice and direction, alongside recorded questions from the live viewers for an extended period of 30 minutes.