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Panic Prevention: Schooling Up Now on E-Invoicing Mandates


Country government entities are increasingly setting up mandated invoice flows so they get to see and book an invoice before the payer does in an effort to close an estimated $500 billion global VAT Gap. This approach guarantees a massive reduction in tax fraud and secures much-needed sales tax income. Success stories in Mexico, Brazil (early adopters) and Italy have meant e-invoicing mandates are being adopted by more countries and pushed out further (across more commercial groups) in already-live countries. What does this mean for you....? Potentially a lot of work, and a lot of worry.

Join our webinar on May 17th where we will set out:

  • Key changes coming up in the next 12 months
  • Who is responsible for complying with the mandates (supplier or buyer)
  • Steps to take now to avoid panic or penalties
  • Country compliance -- why no two countries are alike

Watch the recording below to hear how DHL and Schaeffler are using Tradeshift to navigate these tax changes.


Susie West

Susie West

CEO, sharedserviceslink
Marcus Gray

Marcus Gray

Tax Compliance and Interoperability Expert, Tradeshift
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