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Proactive, Persistent and, Passionate What it Takes to Be a Real Changemaker in P2P


While nearly all Procure-to-Pay departments have automated and digitized to some extent, we still see many enterprises at low to medium levels of e-invoicing, and most P2P professionals believe they could be more automated.

But driving improvements and change can be hard, and sticking to a long-term action plan in turbulent times requires leadership skills.

In this session, join Deborah Moehlich, Senior Director and Head of North American Shared Services at Evoqua Water Technologies as she shares her experience on how to drive real change in P2P

Listen to or download this webinar for:

·       Tips on reviewing your technology landscape, identifying which systems are working for you, and which ones may be holding you back

·       Practical supplier onboarding tips to get higher e-invoicing rates and Evoqua's experience using Taulia

·       How to set and stick to a long-term plan when there are competing short-term priorities

Driving real change in P2P is a commitment. This webinar will shine light onto why it’s worth it and to give you inspiration and tips to empower you on your journey. 

Download or watch the presentation below:

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