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Resolving All AR Issues Before Past Due


ShurTech Brands is a $750 million manufacturer of household and industrial goods including DuckTape. They have two divisions – Industrial and Retailer, run off SAP, and use HighRadius in their Accounts Receivable operation.

In this exciting webinar, Marinko Marijolovic, Director, Corporate Credit Services will talk about the decision to work with HighRadius vs SAP Credit Modules on Deductions, Credit and Collections in order to keep head count level or indeed reduced, despite an increase in revenue and workload.

Since implementing the HighRadius tool, how have KPIs improved? This session will show you how Marinko’s organization has made some giant leaps, including:

  • The reduction in Past Due of 31 days or over by a massive 75%
  • Kept write offs to a minimum
  • How the team are able to ease the onslaught of deductions (in the thousands) with RPA
  • How routine tasks are now automated, so the team can specialize, and zero in on more complex deduction cases
  • Seeing overall current AR increasing from 81.6% to 90.4%
  • How, with predictive analytics, the team can now look to resolve all issues before past due, and put an end to being reactive
  • How the team is using the tool to be more accurate with cash flow projections

View the presentation below:

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