T&E AI: Trusting a Tool That’s 99.41% Correct


What’s the number 1 reason an artificial intelligence-based tool fails?

For Richard Masci, Head of Systems at Airbus Americas, it’s not the tool itself. “[It’s] a lack of trust in the tool. A sense that the tool couldn’t possibly discover what a human could.”

Join this webinar to hear Richard explain how trusting AppZen’s AI-based tools drove out non-compliant behavior across T&E. He’ll share:

  • What an AppZen pilot revealed about the problem Airbus Americas' T&E organization was looking to solve
  • Interesting revelations during Covid concerning non-travel T&E
  • How Airbus Americas overcame two major challenges that threatened the world-wide rollout
  • The surprising benefits of using a tool like AppZen within GBS

Find out why AppZen is used today alongside Airbus Americas' existing expense management platform, and why it is deployed across the Americas, most of Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

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