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Transform Accounting - The Interstate Hotels & Resorts Story


This webinar ran on July 25th 2018. 

Interstate Hotels & Resorts shared services manages 59K active vendors, and process 40K journal entries each month.

When reconciling accounts, dealing with month close, and managing tasks and journal entries, the Accounting team often experienced manual effort, inconsistencies, duplicated efforts, revolving on-site auditors, post close recs, and “after the fact” changes to the GL balances.

This webinar looks at how Interstate Hotels & Resorts transformed their R2R and accounting process. Learn how they managed this transformation, and now enjoy:

  • Process consistency and standardization 
  • Centralized reconciliations
  • Auto-certification of accounts
  • Automated property bank reconciliations
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Controlled access  
  • Standardization of Task Management


Presentation Slides: