A Tax Manager’s Guide to Ensuring the Business is Ready for the Digitisation of VAT

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Sally Hardcastle
Senior Researcher, sharedserviceslink
May 20, 2020

Traditionally, tax departments have been managed to create as little disruption to people, systems and processes as possible. However, attitudes are changing. The introduction of continuous transaction controls and tax digitisation initiatives are changing the relationships between global businesses and governments, and creating the emergence of real-time economies. For tax managers, this means tax technology is going to have to be integrated across the IT landscape, and it will be their responsibility to ensure that the business remains compliant.

Download this white paper to find out:

  • How these changes are forcing businesses to redesign processes and systems
  • How to ensure the business has the tools needed to manage invoice and other transactional compliance on your behalf
  • How to define who is responsible for what
  • How to create a comprehensive RFP to ensure purchase and implementation of the right compliance solution
  • What tax managers can reasonably expect from application vendors

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