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Benchmark your Financial Close Process

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sharedserviceslink and Adra recently conducted a financial close survey with over 100 finance professionals.

In a webinar hosted on January 17th the results of the survey were shared and attendees were shown how modern software can enable you to close your books faster, with better control and accuracy.

Some of the key survey findings were:

  • Over 75% of survey respondents are under pressure to close faster
  • Over 85% work overtime during the financial close process
  • Less than half are satisfied with the quality of their financial close process
  • Only about HALF have full trust in their reported numbers

As well as the survey data, Adra offered a high-level presentation of how Adra’s solutions can help your organization modernize and automate the Financial Close Process. The presentation focused on how to overcome the most important issues the respondents had in the survey. Such as:

  • How to automate the close process
  • Increase visibility and standardization
  • Improve quality and control
  • Become less dependent on cumbersome spreadsheets
  • Decrease stress and free up time for analysis 

Download the complete webinar slides today and take advantage of this material that will ensure your Financial Close Process is as efficient as possible. 

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