Cash App Tool = Productivity Game Changer for The Chefs' Warehouse

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Sally Hardcastle
Jul 7, 2023
Man working at desk looking at dashboard

A cost rationalization exercise in the treasury department at The Chefs' Warehouse highlighted banking fees as a major business financial burden.

VP of Finance, Nelson Lopes, realized this was a perfect opportunity to shake up their Receivables process.

Working off several ERPs, with some in-house automation but mostly manual processes, the scope was big – but the gains could be huge.

Read this Case Study to discover how new cash app technology has:

  • Improved the migration process of new companies for this acquisition-heavy business
  • Proven its worth with a “fantastic” ROI and impressive KPIs
  • Streamlined their AR setup and freed up staff for more interesting work, thus improving talent retention
  • Been a "game changer" for productivity and capacity creation

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