Aligning AP and AR e-Invoicing Programs: The Critical Factors for Success
Sep 18, 2024

P2P O2C Aligning AP and AR e-Invoicing Programs: 7 Critical Factors for Success

Explore the 7 critical success factors for aligning AP and AR e-invoicing programs. Learn about unified platforms, stakeholder engagement, effective communication, and staying compliant with evolving mandates.

O2C Future of GBS Finance Guide

Shared Services and GBS is changing, and this report reveals in what ways. Read the Future of Finance Evolution for GBS Guide NOW.

Mar 7, 2024

O2C GBS Evolution: Navigating Digital Transformation in Invoice-to-Cash

Explore the role of Global Business Services in Invoice-to-Cash digital transformation. Uncover trends, strategies, and practical insights to navigate the complexities of this evolution. In this Masterclass, industry experts will share best practices, case studies, and actionable techniques.

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Jan 25, 2024

O2C O2C Masterclass: 20+ Proven Gen AI & ML Use Cases That Drive Business Growth

Did you know that today AI can predict the payment date of your most delinquent customer, warn you about your “about-to-be-bankrupt” customers, tell you which dispute is a lie? In this masterclass, Yash Divakar will introduce you to 20+ proven ML & Gen AI real-life use cases in O2C.

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O2C 7 Reasons AR Automation MUST be Top of the Agenda for Controllers

Controller are expected to be proactive value adders-driving automation and leading the way in governance, risk and future strategy. Since AR is key to the financial health of a company, it makes sense for a Controller to focus on helping improve their processes. Yet this is not always the case...

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Nov 29, 2023

O2C Best-in-Class Collections: Metrics, Strategies and Best Practices

In the current economic climate, minimizing your aging receivables is mission critical. Optimizing working capital is the goal and having cash tied up in your receivables process is damaging to your bottom line. Join by Bryan DeGraw of The Hackett Group for this exciting webinar.

Teal background with a woman wearing an see-through and orange dashboard glasses
Oct 4, 2023

O2C Future of Finance Evolution for Global Business Services

Join our webinar to gain expert insights on optimizing accounts receivable & order-to-cash processes within GBS & shared services. Discover emerging trends, best practices & practical solutions for staying competitive in the dynamic financial landscape.

Man working at desk looking at dashboard

O2C Cash App Tool = Productivity Game Changer for The Chefs' Warehouse

A cost rationalization exercise in the treasury department at The Chefs' Warehouse highlighted banking fees as a major business financial burden. VP of Finance, Nelson Lopes, realized this was a perfect opportunity to shake up their Receivables process. Read the Case Study Now.

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O2C 5 Reasons Why Automation is Always a Good Investment

It’s natural to want to batten down the hatches and cut non-essential spending in times like these. Read this guide to discover 5 key reasons why it makes sense to invest in process technology despite inflation volatility.

Jul 19, 2023

O2C 10 Behaviours that Separate C2C Process Top Performers from Worst Performers

Looking at key performance metrics across the C2C process you will often be surprised by the huge gap that exists between a Median Performer and a Top Performer. Register for this webinar to hear Bryan DeGraw, from The Hackett Group share KPIs that separate the worst and top performers.

90% Auto-allocation of Cash Transactions at Medtronic

O2C 90% Auto-allocation of Cash Transactions at Medtronic

In 2019, $30 BN medical devices giant Medtronic embarked on a global finance optimization program. The aim? To have a best-in-class finance team. For Accounts Receivable this meant a complete transformation of its cash application process across 250 entities in four regions.

Every C2C Process Scorecard Should Include These 36 Key Metrics
Jun 21, 2023

O2C Every C2C Process Scorecard Should Include These 36 Key Metrics

During this webinar, Bryan DeGraw, Associate Principal and Global C2C Advisory Program Leader at The Hackett Group, will introduce the balanced scorecard approach to scorecard design.

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Jun 6, 2023

O2C Cash Application & AR Intelligence: 5 Reasons Why it’s a No-Brainer

If you are looking to take manual work out of AR and deliver more actionable intelligence, watch this on-demand webinar.

O2C P2P BlackLine Joins Forces with Kofax to Add Globally Compliant Electronic Invoicing Capabilities to Accounts Receivable Automation Solutions

BlackLine AR Automation combined with Kofax's global business transaction network creates end-to-end solution for automated invoice-to-cash efficiency

O2C 15 Tips: What to Look for In Your Credit Management System

Given the volatility in today’s economic climate, Accounts Receivable teams will want to move away from manual credit management to a highly automated, machine learning-based platform to provide visibility, trustworthy profiles and scoring, and smart approval workflows. Now is the time to reduce exp

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Feb 22, 2023

O2C Cash App Tool = Productivity Game Changer

A cost rationalization exercise at The Chef's Warehouse highlighted banking fees as a major business financial burden. VP of Finance, Nelson Lopes, realized this was a perfect opportunity to shake up their Receivables process. Join us to hear the exciting journey Nelson and the team have been on.

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O2C HighRadius Expands with New Office in Kraków, Poland

US-headquartered SaaS leader opens fifth office location in Europe in a strategic move to provide high quality service to its European customers and partners.

O2C 3 Reasons Order-to-Cash is Stuck in the Dark Ages

Here are 3 findings regarding what is keeping Order-to-Cash stuck, and how to find freedom and digital advancement.

O2C Infographic: Is Order-to-Cash Being Left Behind?

This report shares the top 5 issues keeping AR and O2C from realizing their vision and 3 practical tips to help automate and future-proof O2C

O2C Is Your AR Stuck in the Dark Ages?

If manual processes are overwhelming your team, now is the time to be inspired and to take action.

Tax P2P One-Third Not Aware of Real-Time Reporting or E-Invoicing Requirements

Despite many new regulations coming into force over the last 10 years, many companies have delayed their development of a strategic approach to this challenge and, as a result, have had to implement expensive and complex workarounds to remain compliant.

How On Earth Upskilling for Future finance globe on blue background
Nov 30, 2022

O2C How On Earth: Upskilling for Future Finance

If you are keen to upskill your team and recruit the “right” additions to your team in order to support your digitally-enabled shared services vision, join this webinar

O2C How AI Transformed AR at UserTesting

When facing an increase in the volume of work, finance teams either need to work harder and perhaps hire more people, or work smarter with the help of automation.

Sep 14, 2022

O2C Is Order-to-Cash Being Left Behind?

This webinar will explore what best practice looks like for Accounts Receivable and Order-to-Cash, as well as why O2C may be left behind in the digital transformation journey – and what you can do to catch up.

May 25, 2022

O2C Automating Order-to-Cash to Power Phenomenal Growth

When companies grow and expand, it is a challenge for your finance systems to keep up. The last thing you want is manual AR or order-to-cash processes holding you back.

Dec 7, 2021

O2C Raising the Bar in AR Automation

It’s time for accounts receivable automation to not only meet your organization’s challenges, but reach a new level of performance.

Dec 1, 2021

O2C AI: Cash Flow Management Through a Single Pane of Glass

The cash conversion cycle has long been associated with physical, paper files. Paper processes equal high costs, slow processing times, low visibility and variety of bottlenecks that hinder productivity and profitability. Global companies experiencing rapid growth need to take advantage of every opp


O2C Smart Collections: The Uber Way

When managing business processes, most agree the ideal combination is Artificial Intelligence plus Human Intelligence.  The Collections Process is a perfect example. This article lists 5 ways Autonomous Software is helping transport and logistics giant Uber achieve a whopping transformation in its accounts receivables.


O2C O2C Takes Charge at AstraZeneca

Order to Cash (O2C) is one of the most complicated journeys in any business. It crosses so many functions it’s incredibly difficult to appoint a single person to be responsible for its end-to-end performance. Just standardizing the processes within O2C is tricky.


P2P O2C Future of the Digital CFO

With the number of finance leaders responsible for their company’s digital agenda tripling over the last 5 years*, it’s time for CFOs to create a robust, future-proofed strategic financial roadmap. Find out the Future of the Digital CFO in this enlightening guide.


O2C Gartner Announces Leaders for 2022 Magic Quadrant for Integrated Invoice-to-Cash Applications

Ten vendors were assessed on several critical solution capabilities including collections, customer invoicing, deductions & disputes, as well as wider factors including product innovation, strategy and efficiencies.

Jul 26, 2022

O2C 7 Steps to Standardizing O2C at AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca launched Global Financial Services (GFS) in 2019. Back then there were few KPIs and very little standardization. In 2022 over 95% of Order to Cash is centralized, and more than 80% of the process is standardized.


O2C Death by a Thousand Paper Deductions: 21 Stats

When you think of non-trade deductions, you think of grunt work and heavy lifting. It’s not the fun part of Order to Cash. It’s a piece of O2C which is truly non-value adding. Writing off all your deductions (which would never happen) would cost companies millions a year. So, teams of five to 10 analysts are employed to investigate small to large amounts, often working on thousands of deductions at any given time. As long as the process is manual, the company is losing out because of the high cost of activity, the high write-off threshold, and the stall in working capital. This article looks at the numbers (some very alarming) related to manual deductions processing, and the more relaxing numbers achieved once you automate.


O2C O2C Automation 6 Big Unfortunate Truths of O2C

Order to Cash is challenging! Standardization across the business has its issues. Forcing End to End for many companies can seem impossible. Register for this webinar where Jas Khatkar, Transformation…


O2C Shared Services RPA and AI: Living up to the Hype?

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence have promised great things for finance, but are they living up to the hype, so far?

Dec 14, 2021

O2C Shared Services Collections: 5 Lessons Learnt

During the pandemic 75% of companies took immediate steps to improve working capital*. Extending DPO seemed unethical at a time when suppliers were often desperate for cash, so companies doubled down on compressing Days Sales Outstanding. This webinar will examine 5 Lessons learnt from the pandemic, and how we can keep them in play, for the long term. Our panelists will be discussing:


O2C AI Delivers 85% Reduction in Unidentified Deductions at Church & Dwight

150k disputes amounting to almost half a billion dollars were going unidentified annually at Church & Dwight. Credit & AR Manager Gregory Ottalagano knew something needed to be done and turned to AI-powered automation for the solution.

Oct 26, 2021

RPA Artificial Intelligence RPA and AI: Living up to the Hype?

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence have promised great things for finance, but are they living up to the hype, so far?


O2C Evaluating your O2C Automation Journey: Is it time for a service?

End-to-end automation is key to improving business performance, but it is not always clear which financial processes to automate and which technologies will perform best. Do not worry though - help is at hand with the Evaluating your O2C Automation Journey: Is it time for a service? e-book.


O2C AR HighRadius and Deloitte Partner to Accelerate Digital Transformation in the Office of the CFO

Today, HighRadius and Deloitte announced a strategic partnership that will aim to streamline the work of the “Office of the CFO”.


O2C O2C Automation CEO Interview Series: Sashi Narahari, CEO of HighRadius

Listen to this 3-part series, where Susie West interviews Sashi Narahari, CEO of HighRadius.


O2C CEO Interview Series: Sashi Narahari, CEO of HighRadius

In a 3-part interview series over six weeks, Susie West, founder and CEO at sharedserviceslink talks all things O2C with Sashi Narahari, Founder, President and CEO at HighRadius.


O2C P2P Esker and Marlabs Announce New Partnership

Esker has announced it has formed a new strategic partnership with digital solutions company Marlabs, allowing Marlabs’ customers access to Esker’s P2P and O2C automation solutions.


O2C sharedserviceslink O2C HighRadius Launches Highako Academy to Train O2C Professionals in Business-Critical Skills

HighRadius has launched the world’s first microlearning and community platform for O2C and treasury teams - Highako Academy.


O2C 5 Essential O2C KPIs to Track AND Share

Certainly most AR departments are monitoring their performance using some form of KPI. But with so much data it’s hard to know what to focus on. Download this handy guide to discover the top 5 metrics you need, and learn whom you should be sharing the numbers with, and why.


O2C 100% No-Touch Cash Processing at Danone

Find out how Danone's AR department achieved 100% no-touch processing, a 95% increase in cash posting and a 75% increase in productivity.


O2C AI Strategically and Effectively Employ AI and Machine Learning

Hear from Andrew Atkinson from Vp plc on how they effectively and strategically implemented AI to automate their Accounts Receivable, freeing up resources to focus on key initiatives and enable enterprise growth.


Shared Services O2C How Will Digital Transformation Enable “Next Generation Shared Services"?

In the past decade, the evolution of shared services has been a rollercoaster ride – offshoring, outsourcing, GBS and, more recently, remote working. For Moustapha Ould Ibn Mogdad, GBFS – OTC Canada at BMS, positive customer experience is a critical requirement for next-gen shared services. He has accelerated the adoption of new technologies by utilising all the data available and is successfully leveraging this technology to drive increased customer value.


O2C Toshiba’s $342,000 ROI for E-invoicing Solution

Download this case study to find out how Toshiba Business Solutions successfully turned their AR department around.


O2C 3 Steps to Creating a Cash Culture

Download this handy eBook and discover 3 quick steps you can take to create a cash flow management culture within your business.

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