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How Kier’s Shared Services Responded to Covid-19

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Sarah Fane
Head of Research, sharedserviceslink
Jun 11, 2020

How Kier’s Shared Services Responded to Covid-19

While we are all facing the same pandemic, it’s impact on individuals and organizations varies greatly. The severity of the impact depends on your industry, your preparedness and your resources.

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Our CEO Susie West recently interviewed Dan Foley, Finance Shared Services Director of Kier. You can  listen to the 17 minute interview here.

Plus, learn more about their journey on a webinar on July 8th.

Here are some highlights

● Kier’s shared services has seen productivity improvements during lockdown. They have seen a 16% improvement in productivity and the best 2 months of operation in 4 years. But some productivity improvements may not be sustainable with a healthy work-life balance. People are online a lot more, and it takes some personal discipline to define a healthy work-life distinction. One small change they’ve made to help employees is to not have any Zoom calls on Friday to help prevent zoom burn-out.


● Returning to offices is a long time away, and won’t be full time. Commuting into Manchester will involve public transportation, so won’t be possible for a full office return in the near-future. They are looking at ways to bring people in part-time and support them working remotely as well.


● Long-term planning for process improvement and RPA and AI investment has stalled while focusing on short and medium-term goals. Some bots have been very helpful during lock-down, but they need to start planning again from long-term process improvements to ensure they don’t fall by the way-side.


● As businesses make cuts to survive the difficult conditions, shared services will come under direct scrutiny. Cuts were hard, fast and quick to keep the business afloat, but companies will continue to look for ways to reduce costs, and shared services are not immune to cuts.


● Shared services should take advantage of this opportunity to help with cash generation, cash management and work with tax authorities to delay payments if needed.

Listen to the recording for the interview

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