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How to Stop the 3 Most Common Expense Frauds

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Editor Coda
Oct 18, 2019

We’ve all seen the colorful stories of fraud in the newspapers – someone has managed to con their employer to fuel a lavish lifestyle before getting caught.

The vast majority of expenses fraud is rather less headline-grabbing. It is low value, opportunistic, and alarmingly frequent.

In fact, a lot of fraud is conducted by people who believe they aren’t acting with malice but are simply making up for other small outgoings they can’t claim for.

Seventy-two percent of all false submissions contain less than $100 of additional expenses, and 84% less than $250.

Over time this constant trickle of wrongdoing adds up. Download the 2019 Corporate Expense Fraud Survey from Chrome River to find out:

  •  The real cost of fraud to business
  •  How to put a stop to it

We think the figures will shock you!

Download the report below:

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