Survey: Managing and Optimizing Workflow to Ensure Productivity

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Sarah Fane
Dec 13, 2022

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Work is a little crazy right now.

Even with all of the modern technology at our fingertips, many feel overwhelmed managing tasks and processes which are often now distributed all over the globe.

Work is done in the office, at home, at HQ, in shared services, with the outsourcers, with software or by bots.

✔ When we get the balance right: routine, manual tasks are automated, problems are identified early, and your highly-skilled team work on analysis, problem solving and continuous improvement.

❌ When we get the balance wrong: processes are slow, visibility is poor and your team gets frustrated.

Everyone is feeling the productivity pressure – but how can we improve productivity when work is so dispersed? sharedserviceslink and Enate are conducting a survey to better understand the future of work in shared services and how we can:

·      Optimize our workforce and technology working together

·      Understand the impact of hybrid working on our overall productivity

·      Identify the tasks ripe for automation

·      Improve visibility or work status and completion

·      Distribute work efficiently based on competency and skill

Help us understand how work has changed for you in the last 3 years, and we will produce a report on how we can help improve productivity when work is complex and dispersed. 

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