Shared Services Navigating the Complex Landscape of Global Business Services

Discover the evolution of Shared Services and Global Business Services (GBS) in our report. Gain insights from industry experts on overcoming legacy challenges and driving value in 2024. Download now to optimize technology and empower your organization.

Feb 21, 2024

shared services 3 Actions Shared Services Take to Drive Healthier Margins

This webinar will focus on how shared services can become THE Centre of Excellence for Pricing, Promotions, and Data Analytics.

Title: Infographic Report: Finance Transformation: What’s Working... What’s Not. Image of one character being lifted by a lit lightbulb. Other character frustrated his bulb isn't working

Shared Services Infographic Report: Finance Transformation: What’s Working... What’s Not

Uncover keys to successful finance transformation. Avoid pitfalls and achieve shared services excellence

Title: Shared Services Need a New Approach to Complexity. Image of a light blub on a purple background
Jan 17, 2024

Shared Services Shared Services Reimagined: Mastering Complexity

Explore the evolution of shared services in the digital age. Dive into tech-driven adaptations, data visibility, and strategies for long-term value.

The Title What is Shared Services is written in a rainbow font
Oct 4, 2023

shared services What IS Shared Services? - Video Training

If you are unsure what “shared services” is, we have a great tool for you: our 25-minute training video that will explain

Shared Services Deloitte's 2023 Global Shared Services Survey Reveals Transformative Trends in Service Delivery Models

The study identified six key themes that are shaping the future of GBS organizations:

Business people discussing procedure on project. Making decisions, controlling and supporting the deal.

Tax Shared Services E-Invoicing and Real-Time Tax Reporting: Core Business Requirements You Can't Ignore

Discover the game-changing world of E-Invoicing and Real-Time Tax Reporting. Unleash your business's true potential and thrive in a rapidly evolving compliance landscape. Download now and shape the future!

Shared Services Report: How Shared Services Are Coping with Growing Workloads and Complexity

The report explores the key ways in which work has changed for finance and shared services professionals in the last three years.

Shared Services P2P New Report Reveals Key Challenges and Solutions for Shared Services

The report shares comprehensive knowledge on how to address the seven main challenges, including breaking free from transactional constraints, navigating financial compliance complexities, optimizing costs amidst inflationary pressures, and harnessing the power of digital transformation.

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Shared Services Lead or Be Left Behind: How to Digitize Your Finance Department

While digitization has been a priority for finance leaders in recent years, there is still a significant amount of untapped potential. Read this fantastic guide and discover how forward thinking can ensure successful digital transformation.

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Shared Services Optimizing Payment Process: 5 Key Elements to Tackle

CFOs need to be very clear about what payment optimization means in practice and what implementing a new payment process will mean for their organization. The focus should be squarely on consolidating and optimizing cash flow. Read this E-Book to find out the 5 key elements to tackle.

Title: 7 Main Issues Facing Shared Services. Pop Art Style. Man and woman with shouting expressions

Shared Services P2P Report: 7 Main Issues Facing Shared Services Today – and How to Address Them

Navigate 7 shared services challenges & find solutions. Overcome rising costs, workload complexity, digital transformation struggles, poor data quality & more. Gain insights for success in shared services.

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Jun 22, 2023

shared services A-STAR Cashflow Forecasting: A Treasury Masterclass

During this workshop, we'll take a deep dive into the issues surrounding cashflow forecasting and talk about practical solutions to help you achieve best in class. This is a cameras-on, interactive session - register your interest today.

Title reads:More Complex Work: Shared Services Coping Strategies. Picture of a business person pushing a boulder up a hill.

Shared Services More Complex Work: Shared Services Coping Strategies

Most shared services teams have taken on more work, and more complex processes. Many teams now find themselves struggling.

P2P, Shared Services Survey: Finance Transformation: What’s Working, What’s Not

What makes finance automation and transformations successful and what makes them fail?

Businessman on paper aeroplane looking into the future

Shared Services The Future of Work Playbook

For over 50 tried and tested insights from leading industry voices across orchestration, AI, recruitment, digital transformation and automation, download this Future of Work Playbook.

Comic book style image with a yellow and red dotted background the foreground has a man and woman shouting the tile of the webinar
May 10, 2023

Shared Services 7 Main Issues Facing Shared Services Today (and How to Address Them)

Listen as we discuss the 7 Main Issues Facing Shared Services Today (and How to Address Them).

Apr 19, 2023

Shared Services Coping Strategies for Complex Shared Services Work

Not only are companies adapting to new working structures (working from home/managing hybrid working), but most shared services teams have taken on more work, and more complex work.

Shared Services Survey: Managing and Optimizing Workflow to Ensure Productivity

Even with all of the modern technology at our fingertips, many feel overwhelmed managing tasks and processes which are often now distributed all over the globe.

P2P Shared Services Secrets to Unlocking Next-Level Automation

You have a crucial role to play to help guide your company to ensure organizational resilience and to navigate through a rapidly changing compliance and business landscape.

Jun 22, 2022

Shared Services 5 Bear Traps to Avoid in Process Mining

Process Mining, or technically “mining for data about process execution” is a hot topic for Finance leaders, Global Business Services executives and CIOs today.


Shared Services P2P Susie West interviews Taulia’s Alexander Mutter, Managing Director EMEA Sales

Susie West interviews Taulia’s Alexander Mutter, Managing Director EMEA Sales, to find out:

Illustrated person worried about computer screens

P2P Shared Services Are Portals Complicating Matters?

Are Portals Complicating Matters? Find out by reading this exciting e-book and discover the revolutionary “Zero Serve” Model.


O2C Shared Services RPA and AI: Living up to the Hype?

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence have promised great things for finance, but are they living up to the hype, so far?


Shared Services Remote Working: Legacy Shared Services Will Lose

Coming into 2020, we were living in a Winner Takes Most world. As for performance KPIs, companies who had grasped digital vs. companies that continued to wallow in a legacy infrastructure stood on opposite banks of an ever-increasing gulf. What have we learned 18 months on? Much comes to mind. Here, we reflect on 3 automation-related lessons.


Shared Services T&E T&E Transformation at Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew's GBS runs mostly end-to-end processing from wing-tip to wing-tip. Find out about the transformation the T&E department underwent to fit in with this streamlined and optimized GBS in this 2-page infographic.


Shared Services Less About Reducing FTEs, More About Capacity Creation

In 2017, Theresa Wilson-Szokalo joined National Grid’s shared services as a business transformation lead. Theresa, driven by the mandate of ‘unlocking value’ and supported by Accenture, set up an engineering capability within the shared services function to give National Grid’s front-line teams – the engineers – access to market leading engineering support capability. The impact of National Grid’s new support capability is game-changing for BPO in the utilities sector.


Shared Services Talent Becoming a Talent Incubator

Joost van Daelen, Director GBS Service Excellence and Maayke van Houdt, HR Director at AkzoNobel, have a focus to mature the GBS organisation after the transition of activities into the GBS Centers. The challenge for GBS at AkzoNobel is to up the level from transitioned services to delivering increased value. Maayke and Joost recognise that a successful GBS requires a wealth of talent with a wide cross section of skills to drive its success.


Shared Services How to Survive… and Flourish

In this year’s opening presentation, Susie West will delve into the pressure points for Shared Services and show that it is not only possible to survive, but to flourish.


Shared Services Scaling Digital Transformation and Implementing Sustainable Change

Jorge Murillo, has spent the last year at the reigns of Coca-Cola’s digital transformation. After nearly 30 years at the company, he has a unique view of the journey they’ve been on. 


Shared Services McDonald's GBS Finance: Delivering Champions

For the last few years, Jennifer Sturch, Head of GBS, at McDonalds has been concentrating on stabilising their offering and focusing heavily on the customer AND employee experience and CI. By investing in the team, providing customer experience training and building a culture of operational excellence, Jennifer is seeing increased customer satisfaction for suppliers, franchisees and internal workers. Their success was evident with an attrition rate of less than 5% and their NPS score for franchisees rose by 50 and internal colleagues by 90!


Shared Services We Never Really Meant to “Burn Down the Shared Services House!"

In 2019 we challenged you to “burn down the house “ of Shared Services and GBS, to enable a new philosophy and operating model to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. But we didn’t mean this literally. Sadly, coronavirus doesn’t have a sense of humor.


Shared Services Talent Nurturing People, Talent and Culture, Embracing Digital Transformation, Building Capabilities and Accelerating Performance

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) shared services is rocketing towards the future - focusing on nurturing people, talent & culture, building capabilities and are moving towards an integrated shared services that goes beyond finance. Formed in a 3-way merger, CCEP has completed integration and is now undertaking a major digital transformation.


Shared Services Operate, Optimise, Transform – Creating Enterprise Value through Classic and Non-Classic End-to-End Processes

Four years on from its inception in 2016, Smith & Nephew’s 1350 FTE-strong GBS services the business with finance, IT, procurement and more. With the aim to expand into enterprise value, the GBS now reports into the COO instead of the CFO, is more tightly aligned with the customer services operation, and is devoting attention to delivering true end-to-end – not just in the classic H2R, O2C, R2R and S2S, but in other areas like Fixed Assets, Acquire to Retire, M&A, Assess to Acquire, Planning to Inventory, and Forecast to Delivery.


Shared Services O2C How Will Digital Transformation Enable “Next Generation Shared Services"?

In the past decade, the evolution of shared services has been a rollercoaster ride – offshoring, outsourcing, GBS and, more recently, remote working. For Moustapha Ould Ibn Mogdad, GBFS – OTC Canada at BMS, positive customer experience is a critical requirement for next-gen shared services. He has accelerated the adoption of new technologies by utilising all the data available and is successfully leveraging this technology to drive increased customer value.


Shared Services Global Process Owners - Everything you Need to Know

A GPO is the owner of the process such that no change can be made to the process without his or her consent.


Shared Services 5 Key Considerations for Your Location and Work From Home Strategy

Covid-19 has changed the business landscape. While some disruptions are temporary, there will certainly be some permanent changes to business culture. It’s time to start planning strategically about your location and work-from-home strategy.


Shared Services Change Management Strategies for the Digital Era

One of the most common reasons transformations fail is that there isn’t enough focus on the human side of change and change management.


Shared Services The New Delivery Center

Jack Dorsey, head of Twitter, says the company’s staff can work from home “forever.” Such statements seemed almost incredible pre-2020.


Shared Services 3 Ways Covid-19 Changed Shared Services and How to Prepare for What’s Next

Remote working, changes to Standard Operating Procedures and disrupted anti-fraud processes have created new vulnerabilities. This report looks at what is behind a rise in phishing and fraud attempts and how shared services are responding to a decrease in working capital.

Jul 28, 2020

Shared Services R2R Kier GBS: Resource Hungry Process Automated with Significant Improvements in Quality While 65% FTE Reduction in Financial Accounting

Listen to this webinar to find out how Kier transformed their FinAcc team, resulting in reduced overheads, FTE reductions and 100% of recs captured using BlackLine technology.


Shared Services Susie West Chats with The Hackett Group at their Conference

Watch this short video where Susie West talks about sharedserviceslink and its membership at a recent event run by partner The Hackett Group.


Shared Services Novartis and Covid 19

Susie West interviews Robert Weltevrede, Head of Novartis Business Services, on how his GBS operation is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Shared Services Ultra Electronics and Covid 19

Susie West interviews Will James, Director GBS UK at Ultra Group, on how the Ultra Group is managing the impact of Covid-19 and the new “Business as Usual.”


Shared Services Shared Services Leader on Covid-19 and its GBS Impact

In this interview, Dan Foley, Finance Shared Services Director at Kier Group, shares his thoughts, tips and concerns on how Covid-19 is impacting shared services today and for the longer term.


Shared Services Covid-19’s Impact on Shared Services

How you fare in the next few weeks or months may well be testament to how organized, automated and streamlined your SSO has become in the past few years.


Shared Services Digital Transformation at GE Power

A Guide to Digital Transformation Guide for Shared Services


Shared Services 12 Reasons Why it’s Cool to Work in Shared Services

Struggling with recruitment because shared services has a grey reputation? Or seeing better quality candidates because you have finally convinced the world that shared services has purpose? Either way, read these 12 reasons why it’s cool to work in shared services.


Shared Services Change Management Tackling Change Management: Are You Ready For Resistance?

The degree of resistance to change naturally varies from business to business. However, a universal truth in change management is that you will face resistance.


Shared Services A Definition for Global Business Services

What are Global Business Services? What does Global Business Services mean? We conducted a survey with over 100 shared services professionals to better understand the drivers of moving to a GBS model and how it is impacting the business.

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