T&E Transformation at Smith & Nephew

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Sally Hardcastle
May 19, 2021

2016 saw the go-live of the much-anticipated Smith & Nephew GBS. Fast-forward four years and the GBS employs 1350 staff, services Finance, Procurement, HR and IT, reports into the President of Global Operations, and runs mostly end-to-end processing from wing-tip to wing-tip.

Find out about the transformation the T&E department underwent to fit in with this streamlined and optimized GBS in this 2-page infographic.

T&E audits and compliance are strategically important for all companies, but are vital for Smith & Nephew because, as a life sciences company, anything they spend on a Health Care Professional must be declared, especially in the US after the introduction of the ‘Sunshine Act’. The whole company was carefully itemizing and combing through every bit of T&E spend – which was incredibly time consuming.

They have saved over 18,000 hours globally by implementing the AppZen tool, which has resulted in huge cost savings and increased revenue by freeing up the sales team’s time to concentrate on generating more deals. In addition to improving the process to save staff hours, Smith & Nephew were also keen to ensure it was more user-focused and as easy as possible for their customers. Their ‘User Experience Rating’ went from 77% (2018) to 95% (2020), and their compliance rose from 73% to 98%. This highly successful transformation led to Smith & Nephew being nominated for the Concur Innovation Award at the end of 2020.

Download to discover:

  • The two-phase transformation of the T&E department
  • How the effects of Covid-19 have improved and impeded performance
  • Baseline and Finish line data that proves the transformation was well worth the investment

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