The Forrester Guide to saving over $6M by Implementing Business Transformation Technology

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Sally Hardcastle
Senior Researcher, sharedserviceslink
Mar 5, 2020

Business Transformation is a continuous, ever-changing key element of any SSO that can drive huge benefits. But it’s not easy.

It often involves complex, cross-department projects, moving from legacy systems to new, different departments using different tools, and multiple ideas about what ‘best practice’ actually is. 

Download this Forrester Report and find out how to manage your business transformation – successfully.

Find out how to achieve:

  • Which technology they identified that can save you up to $3.4M in external resource costs
  • How to achieve savings of up to $2M in process mapping and implementation efficiencies
  • How implementing a multiple use case tool can save over $950K
  • How to achieve fast and stress-free process improvement and increased efficiency and flexibility

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