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Top 10 Tips to Sealing Expenses Fraud Loopholes

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Viveka Alvestrand
Digital Marketing Manager

Is your AP team spending the end of every month and quarter huffing and puffing as they manually check expenses claim reports?

Can you blame them? It can be monotonous work. Just imagine what could be achieved if staff spent that time on other, more strategic initiatives instead.

But, we hear you say, who’s going to check that people aren’t submitting bogus claims?

Let an automated expense management system do it all for you! It alerts you to any irregularities, like if an employee tries to submit the same receipt twice. And it can

check submissions against credit card transaction data, significantly reducing your exposure to the risk of fraud.

Find out how this could work for your company by downloading the 10 Ways to Prevent Business Expense Fraud report and start reaping the rewards.

Your colleagues will no doubt thank you, too, for freeing them up to do more exciting work!

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