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Published: 2022-07-06 17:20:40

Podcast: Are BPOs Really Keeping up with the Pace of Change?


In Part 1 of a 3 part series, sharedserviceslink CEO Susie West sits down with Syed Rizvi, Vice President of TCS BPO, Leo Curran, Senior Vice President and Head of UK/Europe at EXL and Mike Small, Vice President and Head of Americas Sales at Capgemini to investigate new demands on the finance and procurement world and what the BPOs are doing to keep up with them.

With a focus on three key areas for shared services organisations universally; the big picture, Global Business Services and technology, Susie asks what the role of a BPO is within these frameworks and how they can offer to contribute.

What can an outsourcer bring to the table that a shared services organisation doesn’t have the capability to do? Find out now by listening into this fascinating podcast.