Published: Feb 13, 2024

R2R Unleashed: The Path to the Touchless Close Chapter 2


This taut and pithy 3-part series looks at how SAP organizations are moving to a touchless close. In Chapter 2, Susie West interviews Shak Akhtar, General Manager of Finance Automation at Redwood Software, on Mastering R2R Automation:

  1. What are the hidden inefficiencies in R2R today, and how does automation serve as a solution?
  2. Where does the bulk of manual effort sit, and why does this complicate automation efforts?
  3. How did Ashland reduce their time to close by 98%?
  4. What areas are often overlooked for automation and how does addressing these change the game?
  5. How is Faurecia automating 32,000 journal entries a month?
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