Published: Jan 24, 2024

Unleashed: The Path to the Touchless Close


This taut and pithy 3-part series looks at how SAP organizations are moving to a touchless close. In Chapter 1, Susie West interviews Shak Akhtar, General Manager of Finance Automation at Redwood Software, to kick off the enquiry:

  1. What is the touchless close, and how is it redefining modern finance operations?
  2. How will teams be reallocated?
  3. How did Arla Foods reduce their month-end close from a 10-day exercise to 6 days?
  4. How are companies using a touchless close to move from a reactive finance function to a proactive one?
  5. Is it possible to be “always closing so you never have to”?
  6. How did Siemens reduce manual tasks from 1000 to 30?
  7. What are the first steps t take to move to touchless —what should be prioritized?
  8. How did Jabil save 5 hours per company code during the close process?

If you are working in Record to Report and are striving to achieve a better process, press play to hear some great tips and insight from the highly-experienced Shak Akhtar.

sharedserviceslink · CEO Interview Series: Unleashed: The Path to the Touchless Close

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