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A New Partnership between AutomateWork and Thriftly Enables Greater Business Digital Transformation

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AutomateWork, a Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning-based Business Process Automation consulting and technology service provider, today announced that it will partner with to enable its customers to accelerate their Digital Transformation journey. 

The partnership will enable customers to not only automate business processes with the implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technologies but also cloud-enable their existing windows applications using API Management functions.

Ahmed Zaidi, Chief Automation Officer at AutomateWork, commented "AutomateWork has a very strong capability in implementing cutting edge Business Process Automation Technologies; however in many cases, customers require more comprehensive solutions that require 'API enabling' of their existing applications. By doing so, the RPA Technologies can work more seamlessly to automate the Business Process holistically. Thriftly's low footprint, easy to use technology also allows AutomateWork to expose process automation as a service to other applications within the environment."

The partnership is an exciting next step for Thriftly. Riaz Merchant, Thriftly CEO, said: "We have worked with AutomateWork on several projects and have been inspired by the company's ability to offer the best possible automation solutions to its clients. We are eager to strengthen our combined capabilities and experience of integrating Thriftly solutions across our shared clients. We are certain that this partnership will be beneficial not only for both companies but more importantly for our clients."

The upcoming months are going to be an exciting time for both AutomateWork and as their partnership gets into full swing. The RPA sphere is certainly seeing some great investment by new technology solution providers so keep an eye out on for more RPA related news. 

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