Avalara Recognized for Software Solutions Designed to Automate and Simplify Tax Compliance Complexity

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Sarah Fane
Mar 8, 2023

Avalara, Inc., a provider of cloud-based tax compliance automation for businesses of all sizes, today announced its products have been recognized by G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards in the Best Accounting and Finance Products category.

Avalara received G2’s 2023 Best Accounting and Finance Products Award, ranking in the Top 50, thanks to positive customer feedback and the market adoption of its scalable and reliable tax automation products leveraged by more than 30,000 customers worldwide to simplify tax compliance complexity. 

“Our inclusion in this year’s G2 Best Software Awards list is a testament to the work being done by teams across Avalara to deliver value to our customers every day,” said Liz Armbruester, EVP of Customer and Compliance Operations at Avalara. “Because this recognition is based on customer reviews, it’s a direct reflection on our ability to simplify the unique tax compliance complexity of every business through the intelligent automation within our platform.” 

The Avalara Platform automates each step of the tax compliance process through more than 1,200 signed partner integrations across accounting, business, ERP, ecommerce, and shopping cart applications. Leveraging an industry-leading database of regularly updated tax rates and rules, the Avalara Platform helps improve compliance in jurisdictions around the world. 

What Avalara customers on G2 are saying they like best about Avalara

  • “Avalara is simple and easy to use. It offers what is needed without having so many features that it’s cumbersome to learn. It also integrates nicely with other systems for a seamless filing, and does a great job of identifying potential compliance gaps.” —G2 Review, User in Computer Software
  • “My favorite part of using AvaTax is that they are comprehensive. We no longer have to collect the data and upload it into a program or try to figure it out on our own. They figure the tax on each order, create reports at the end of every month and then file with each state and locality which we are registered with.” —G2 Review, User in Wholesale
  • “Confidence to know the sales tax calculations will be correct every time based on current legislation and pin-point accuracy of their system to identify the location and applicable tax rates.” —G2 Review, User in Information Technology and Services

Avalara’s ranking in G2’s list is based on reviews across the Best Accounting and Finance Products category. To be recognized as a 2023 Best Software Award winner, a software company or product must receive at least 50 approved and published reviews during the 2022 calendar year. Scores reflect only data from reviews submitted during this evaluation period. Top Accounting and Finance Product Awards are earned by software products and companies that provide best-in-class customer service products and experiences for their customers.

“While G2 publishes the Best Software Awards each year, they’re really awards from customers,” said Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2. “Representing a vote of confidence from real software users, these awards also spotlight those that have risen to the top among thousands of companies. With 2 million+ verified software reviews, the most in a single destination, our marketplace features more than 145,000 products and services across 2,100 different categories. Congratulations to all those named, as buyers will continue to lean on these awards as a trusted source to inform their software decisions in the year ahead.” 

To learn how Avalara solves tax compliance for businesses across industries like manufacturing, retail, software, and more, visit avalara.com.

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