Tax Why You Should Care About Peppol

Peppol is a global network that establishes common standards for the exchange of e-documents among organizations, connecting organizations through service access points.

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Tax Avalara Announces Expansion of Durham Office

Tax software company, Avalara has announced it is adding 100 new job positions at its office in Durham, North Carolina.

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P2P Tax Demystifying Peppol: What You Need to Know About e-Invoicing Standards, Compliance, and Future Trends

Discover the pivotal role of Peppol in e-invoicing with our comprehensive report. Learn how Peppol fosters global interoperability, simplifies compliance, and navigates evolving standards. Explore its expansion beyond Europe, adoption in Asia-Pacific, and upcoming developments like PINT. Stay ahead

Interconnected Global Europe
Apr 17, 2024

Tax Decoding ViDA: Global Impacts for Multinational Organizations

This webinar aims to dispel common misconceptions about ViDA, VAT in the Digital Age shedding light on its impacts for global organizations, and detail how it will revolutionize data handling and digital transactions worldwide.

Apr 25, 2024

Tax Extending the Value of SAP for Streamlined Indirect Tax Functionality

The complexity, and therefore the risk, associated with VAT has increased for European businesses. As companies expand and grow, VAT complexity increases. Join us for a Virtual Masterclass as we explore the realities of indirect tax.

Tax Report Signals Increased US Sales Tax Audits and Global E-Invoicing Growth in 2024

The report covers tax changes across the U.S. and internationally, as well as specific changes in key industries

Tax 3 in 5 UK Businesses Avoid International Expansion Due to US Sales Tax Complexity

Tax complexity is hampering British businesses expanding into new markets, with 60% of UK business leaders deciding not to expand into a new market due to the complexity of dealing with additional compliance.

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Dec 12, 2023

P2P Tax Everything You Need to Know About Peppol

If you are investing in e-invoicing or expanding your e-invoicing program, there are some important things to know about Peppol, an international e-invoicing standard with growing global importance.

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Tax P2P The Impact of E-Invoicing and Real-Time Tax Reporting

Discover the Evolution of E-Invoicing: From Latin America to Europe, the Mandatory Shift is Here! Explore the Game-Changing 2024 Mandates in Poland, Spain, Belgium, and Beyond. Ensure Compliance Across Borders and Learn Top 4 Strategies for Success.

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Tax Shared Services E-Invoicing and Real-Time Tax Reporting: Core Business Requirements You Can't Ignore

Discover the game-changing world of E-Invoicing and Real-Time Tax Reporting. Unleash your business's true potential and thrive in a rapidly evolving compliance landscape. Download now and shape the future!

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Tax Avalara Unveils E-Invoicing and Live Reporting API for Multinational Businesses

With Avalara E-Invoicing and Live Reporting, businesses can easily set up global e-invoicing capabilities in their existing systems,

The Impact of E-Invoicing and Real-Time Tax Reporting
Jul 11, 2023

Tax P2P The Impact of E-Invoicing and Real-Time Tax Reporting

E-Invoicing and real-time reporting requirements are becoming core-business requirements and are strategic decisions that directly impact your ability to move into new markets and your bottom line

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Tax Avalara Becomes Peppol-Certified Provider

Cloud-based tax compliance automation solutions provider Avalara has become a Peppol-certified provider in the EU, Australia, Japan and New Zealand, extending the scope of it e-invoicing services.

Tax Avalara Recognized for Software Solutions Designed to Automate and Simplify Tax Compliance Complexity

Avalara, Inc., a provider of cloud-based tax compliance automation for businesses of all sizes, today announced its products have been recognized by G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards in the Best Accounting and Finance Products category.

Tax VAI Partners with Avalara to Automate Tax Compliance for Businesses

VAI and Avalara are partnered in bringing tax solutions through ERP software applications to their global customer base.

Tax Pagero and Thomson Reuters Partner to Bring Indirect Tax Compliance Suite to Customers

Pagero and Thomson Reuters have announced a go-to-market partnership to help tax departments simplify their e-invoicing processes. Pagero and Thomson Reuters will now offer customers Pagero’s Smart Business Network for e-document exchange and CTC (Continuous Transaction Controls) compliance, and Th

Mar 22, 2023

Tax Unlocking Global Growth: Navigating Indirect Tax in New Markets and Digital Channels

Expanding into new markets also opens additional tax obligations, but don’t let that stop you. Learn how to ensure compliance in new markets.

Tax What is the European Commission’s ViDA – Vat in the Digital Age

In December 2022, the European Commission (EC) proposed a series of measures to modernise and make the EU's Value-Added Tax (VAT) system work better for businesses and more resilient to fraud by embracing and promoting digitalisation. The proposal aims to address challenges in the area of VAT raised

Tax P2P One-Third Not Aware of Real-Time Reporting or E-Invoicing Requirements

Despite many new regulations coming into force over the last 10 years, many companies have delayed their development of a strategic approach to this challenge and, as a result, have had to implement expensive and complex workarounds to remain compliant.

P2P Tax 8 Guiding Principles for Compliance Confidence

4 Dos and Don'ts to Managing Dynamic Global E-invoice Compliance Requirements with Confidence

Tax Indirect Tax: The Missing Piece in Digital Transformation

When it comes to planning for digital transformation, nearly every team overlooks one thing: indirect tax requirements.

Tax Where are Your Hidden Costs and Lurking VAT Compliance Risks

This easy-to-read infographic will help you understand the challenges and help you identify and reduce many of the hidden costs in your organization.

Nov 16, 2022

P2P Tax Invoice Compliance: Are You Ready or Are You Vulnerable?

This webinar will help you understand the vulnerabilities between finance and tax in meeting the current and upcoming compliance regulations.

Jul 5, 2022

Intercompany R2R Rethinking Intercompany for Superior Shared Services Delivery

Join this webinar to learn from some of the most experienced intercompany professionals in the business, where they will explore intercompany as a catalyst for service efficiency and growth

Jun 16, 2022

Tax Where are Your Hidden Costs and Lurking VAT Compliance Risks?

While your business may be managing with your existing methods or through band-aid solutions in the short term, there can be underlying hidden costs and lurking risks.

Dec 8, 2021

Tax Building a Roadmap for Tax Transformation

The changes happening in indirect tax are happening at an unprecedented pace. If you are struggling to keep up with the changes and getting the rest of the business to pay attention, you aren't alone. 

Nov 24, 2021

Tax The VAT Compliance Crisis

Covid-19 has led to unprecedented levels of public spending. To make up the shortfall in their balance sheets, governments have, really, two options: increase VAT rates or improve VAT collection. Gartner estimates that by 2030, 60% of countries worldwide will have implemented Continuous Transaction Controls (CTC). And the consequences for non-compliance are huge.


Tax Vertex Wins Oracle's Change Agents Partner Award

Tax technology solutions provider Vertex, has won Oracle’s 2021 Oracle Change Agents Partner Award – Visionary Award for ERP ISV Partner of the Year.


Tax Vertex, Inc. Named a Finalist for 2022 SAP Pinnacle Award in the SAP Store Category

The annual SAP Pinnacle Awards acknowledge the contributions of leading SAP partners that have excelled in developing and growing their partnership with SAP and helping customers meet their goals.


Tax The Danger of Indirect Tax as an Afterthought

What are 4 things that can go wrong when indirect tax is an afterthought, and not considered throughout your digital transformation?


Tax 4 Tips to Get Indirect Tax on the Corporate Agenda

We’ve put together 4 top tips to help you get your finance and wider business to start thinking about tax and take the necessary steps to get ahead of these major changes.


P2P Tax Your Essential Guide to e-Invoicing and CTC Mandates

Time to get ready for e-invoicing and CTC mandates


Tax 4 Reasons Finance and Tax Struggle with Compliance

With real-time reporting, there’s no time to wait for processes and controls to fix errors that happen in reporting cycles. It’s essential that all of the tax-relevant information in invoices is correct the first time.


Tax UK Introduces Plastic Packaging Tax

From 1st April, the UK is introducing the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT). PPT will be added to any plastic packaging manufactured or imported into the UK, which isn’t made of at least 30% recycled plastic.


Tax Vertex Unveils Edge Computing Tax Solution

New offering streamlines management of tax compliance at the point of need


Tax Centralized Tax System Helps Global Growth at Starbucks

Starbucks has an incredibly complex business model, and each step has specific tax requirements. Originally, there was no centralized tax system in place, and Starbucks was relying heavily on manual processes. The sheer scale and complexity of the business caused Starbucks to realize that manual processes were putting them at risk and hampering business growth.


P2P Tax Tungsten CEO Interview Ch 2: E-Invoicing and Tax

Susie West interviews Tungsten Network CEO Paul Cooper


Tax Vertex Acquires LCR-Dixon Corporation

Vertex has announced the acquisition of LCR-Dixon Corporation, an expert in SAP technologies and tax intelligence solutions.


Tax It's Time to Talk About Indirect Tax

The changes we are seeing in Indirect Tax aren’t a gentle evolution that tax professionals can manage on their own.  This isn’t business as usual.


Tax Building a VAT Roadmap for 2021 and Beyond

Compliance with VAT mandates and continuous transaction controls may require significant investment in time and resources across your organization.

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