Hanse Orga and Taulia Partner for Working Capital Management

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Editor Coda
Apr 25, 2016

Hanse Orga, a global provider of SAP-integrated finance solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Taulia, the financial supply chain company. The alliance aims to enable organizations to make smarter decisions through a simple, interactive dashboard that makes recommendations on how to make better use of their cash while strengthening supplier relationships.

Taulia’s supplier financing and e-invoicing technology has been connected to Hanse Orga’s fully configurable FS2 WorkingCapital and the FS2 CashLiquidity solution. Through Hanse Orga's analytics and holistic reporting capabilities, organizations can maximize Taulia's flexible financing solutions, and offer early payments on invoices in exchange for a discount. Organizations can choose to finance these payments by using either cash on hand or third-party funding while ensuring companies hit their unique business objectives.

“Taulia’s solutions complement our finance software, which is currently used by more than 1,000 customers worldwide to enhance their finance and treasury processes,” said Kevin Grant, executive board member of Hanse Orga. “This partnership delivers seamless SAP integration, a heightened level of visibility and insight across SAP and other ERP platforms, and new opportunities for financial supply chain optimization.”

“Hanse Orga’s full-spectrum integrated tools for finance processes, reporting and analysis deliver the knowledge required for maximizing financial supply chain improvements. Customers can immediately act on them using our advanced supplier financing and eInvoicing solutions,” said Vikas Shah, VP Global Ecosystem and Partnerships of Taulia. “This partnership is a natural fit, and we see huge opportunity based on Hanse Orga’s expertise and top- tier global customer base.”

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