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SAP SE and Forrester Consulting Survey Results

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Editor Coda
Mar 29, 2019

SAP SE have commissioned Forrester Consulting to do a survey for them to evaluate the adoption of intelligent technologies. They surveyed nearly 750 people online who were undergoing digital transformation and who had implemented at least two innovation technologies (machine learning, IOT, AI, blockchain or virtual reality). 

The results showed that companies are implementing these technologies to drive transformation. Nearly 93% of respondents considered these intelligent technologies key to their transformation. The study also found that optimizing existing processes was a priority. 92% of people surveyed were interested in technology that could be used to unify data collected by, and used across, all intelligent technologies and business processes.

“By partnering with Forrester on this intelligent enterprise study, we were able to uncover some of the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing new technologies,” said Irfan Khan, President, SAP Platform & Technologies, Global Customer Operations. “The study found that as companies seek competitive advantages, they are prioritizing innovation technologies. We are seeing businesses use the IoT, AI, augmented reality, ML and blockchain to improve processes. It also drives innovation and meets digital transformation objectives.”

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