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Softomotive and CaptureFast Partner

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Sally Hardcastle
Senior Researcher, sharedserviceslink

Softomotive and CaptureFast have announced a new strategic partnership to enable customers to extract text from files using a data capture solution. This new platform will mean users can take information from documents, both digital and physical, using machine print character recognition.

“This is an important development for our customers because it opens up the range of processes that are potentially suitable candidates to be automated. By doing so, it means they can accelerate process development to achieve better ROI,” Said John Anastasopoulos, Head of Product for Softomotive.

Gurkan Karagoz, founder and CEO of CaptureFast, added, “Data capture is normally the starting point and customers also need to take action or process the data once it is captured. Capture, by itself, solves only part of the problem. In order to achieve broader automation, CaptureFast values partnerships with RPA vendors such as Softomotive because it provides customers with an easy-to-implement and flexible data capture solution in their RPA deployment.”

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