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Sovos Acquires PetaPilot and Saphety

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Editor Coda
Jul 14, 2021

Sovos has announced the acquisition of two new companies - PetaPilot and Saphety. Both based in Portugal, PetaPilot delivers e-accounting solutions to tax authorities and businesses and Saphety provides compliant e-invoicing services to governments and companies.

The acquisitions create a complete VAT, SAF-T and business-to-government compliance solution for Sovos’ customers operating in Portugal and enable Sovos to extend the capabilities of its new Advanced Periodic Reporting cloud platform.

“With the PetaPilot and Saphety acquisitions, Sovos strengthens its offerings in the growing market for SAF-T compliance, enhances its ability to address converging B2B and B2G e-invoicing regulations and establishes operations in Portugal. With expert teams now in more than 13 countries, Sovos is building a global presence that prioritises the local and regional compliance needs of our customers, “ said John Gledhill, VP of Corporate Development at Sovos.

These two new acquisitions closely follow on from a number of acquisitions in LATAM.

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