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Tradeshift partners with Abreon to Give Businesses Tools for Successful Digital Transformation

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Editor Coda
Oct 24, 2019

Tradeshift, the supply-chain payments company that helps buyers and suppliers digitize all their trade transactions, has entered into a partnership with change management consultancy Abreon to help businesses manage large-scale technology change.

The companies will work together with organizations as they establish new procedures necessary for digital transformation.

“Change is inevitable for high-growth organizations,” said Bruce Gordon, Vice President of Alliances for the Americas at Tradeshift. 

By helping clients to implement the tools and new ways of working that they need, they will be able to more effectively manage the roadblocks and resistance typically brought on by change.

Tradeshift’s platform combined with Abreon’s expertise focusing on the people side of change management is bringing unprecedented success to clients in the source-to-pay area, Gordon said.

Together, Tradeshift and Abreon, a division of Insight Enterprises, say they will enable businesses to be more adaptive, change faster and add more value to their companies.

Michele Snead, Director of Performance Consulting at Abreon, adds, “We both share the common goal of helping our clients reduce costs, increase efficiencies and achieve their business goals.”

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