UiPath Climbs 23% in the Company’s IPO

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Sally Hardcastle
Senior Researcher, sharedserviceslink
Apr 22, 2021

UiPath rose 23% in the company’s stock market debut on Wednesday.  The company and its investors brought in $1.34 billion in the company’s IPO. The shares closed at $69 making it one of the largest US software IPOs ever.

UiPath’s ability to keep customers and encourage them to spend more, is one of its biggest strengths. Last year they reported net value retention of 145% and an 80% growth in revenue*.

"This new capital will help us to continue on our vision to accelerate human achievement and invest heavily in research and development" said Daniel Dines, Co-Founder and CEO at UiPath. “I believe we can build a generational company that will completely shape the way people work”.

UiPath’s customers include multinational giants such as Google, GE, HP and DHL.


*CNBC Interview

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