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UK Introduces Plastic Packaging Tax

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Editor Coda
Feb 23, 2022

From 1st April, the UK is introducing the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT). PPT will be added to any plastic packaging manufactured or imported into the UK, which isn’t made of at least 30% recycled plastic and will be charged at £200 per tonne. The aims of the new tax are to increase recycling and collection of plastic waste.

HMRC have provided more details, such as registration requirements, record-keeping, how to complete tax returns with PPT, deferring PPT and which products will be included on their website.

Currently, there is no obligation to include PPT on invoices, however, this is a policy HMRC are investigating and it seems likely it will be introduced in the near future. The Tungsten Network is one solution provider watching the new regulations carefully and considering whether they need to integrate PPT into their technology.

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