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Published: 2022-07-26 18:13:09

How to Elevate your Model to be Tech-Ready and Robot-Ready


The North American Global Process Owner Summit 2018 Opening Address

The Global Process function is the norm for over 50% of shared services organizations. However, it is known that from company to company, the model can look very different. And this matters, why? Because when company deploys the GPO model according to best practice, the results are impressive. And when they don’t, the results are a little…flat. This opening address will draw on recent data to illustrate how those following best practice are seeing high performance, end to end symbiosis, and a coming together of many moving parts in order to deliver one extraordinary outcome – touchless processing and the ability to pivot to value-adding services.

Delivered by Susie West, CEO, sharedserviceslink, at The North American Global Process Owner Summit 2018, Chicago.

Download the full presentation here: