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Published: 2022-07-26 18:13:11

Leveraging an ERP Implementation to Optimize the GPO Framework


Best Practice No. 2: Have Influence Over the ERP

Five years ago, Eaton embarked on a journey to implement a single instance of Oracle (R12). Originally scheduled to take 2 years, they finally went live in July 2017 and Eaton has since used this roll-out as a basis to reinvent chartered accounting, global processes and introduction of new functionality. But that’s not all; since the implementation Eaton has been revising their strategic approach to Global Financial Shared Services and a GPO model. This is the result of a shift from a regional focus to a global end-to-end approach. Cathy Flynn, GPO R2R and Chris Partin, GPO O2C shared their experience of the R12 implementation, how they shifted to end to end, and how the new SSO model will provide authority and visibility for Global Process Owners.

Delivered by Cathy Flynn, Global Process Owner R2R, and Chris Partin, Global Process Owner O2C, Eaton Corporation, at The North American Global Process Owner Summit 2018, Chicago.

Download the full presentation here: