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Published: 2022-07-26 18:11:58

Mergers & Acquisitions - Experience of Integration


Presented by Rob Smith, GPO RtR and Internal Controls, ZF, at the GPO Summit 2017, London. 

In 2015 ZF completed its $12.4 billion acquisition of TRW Automotive. Mergers are complex transactions that not only give those in shared services a headache, but also challenge them to start integrating operations while still operating as “business as usual”. Rob Smith, GPO R2R, A2R and Internal Controls at ZF, will share his experience of transitioning from an American to a European company and highlight a number of projects that play an important role to aid the holistic integration.

Download the presentation and find out:

  • How they transitioned the whole company, globally, from a weekly to a monthly calendar to streamline closing
  • Automating the running of customer statements at month end
  • Redesigning processes to comply with IFRS reporting, having moved from US GAAP
  • Differences in the GPO structure at integration, and how the GPO now works closely with IT