3 Ways to Drive Value with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Source-to-Pay

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Editor Coda
Jul 24, 2019

AI and Big Data have the potential to transform Source-to-Pay (S2P). But to what extent have companies actually started implementing solutions, and where do the untapped opportunities lie?

sharedserviceslink and Coupa conducted a study of over 150 finance and shared services professionals. Here, we share our results and 3 tips to drive value with AI and Big Data in S2P.

Download the infographic for our top findings.

One of the key findings of this survey is that it is still early days for AI in Source-to-Pay. Only 9% of our respondents had an AI program fully up and running in S2P. However, 59% say they either need more information or don’t yet understand the opportunities for big data and AI in S2P.

This infographic report examines:

  • To what extent Source-to-Pay professionals are using AI
  • The biggest reasons companies are not yet using AI
  • The biggest opportunities for AI in Source to Pay

Download the infographic for the results, or watch the webinar for added analysis:

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