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A new world option for offshoring: Latin American countries can offer European businesses competitive benefits

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Latin America is developing into an attractive offshoring alternative to Asia for Europe-based businesses. Latin American countries offer tremendous cost savings in wages, real estate, infrastructure, travel and tax incentives. It has highly skilled young workers with excellent language skills, and there are cultural similarities to Europe due to immigration patterns.

Wipro's comprehensive ranking guide to Latin America, which scores countries on cost effectiveness, talent and resource availability and business catalyst qualities, can help Europe-based businesses identify the best fit for offshoring their operations.

Latin America has become a draw to industry players in the last several years as we’ve seen business process outsourcing (BPO), shared service centres and call centres grow significantly in the region. Not only are large multinationals such as American Express, General Motors and Intel running their operations there, but well-known global BPO service providers, including Wipro, have established delivery centres.

This report examines the benefits in terms of:

- Costs

- Talent and skills

- Language capabilities

- Cultural similarities

- Comparisons to Asia

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