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Susie West
CEO, sharedserviceslink

Procurement and P2P leaders are charged with…a lot. Improving the process, moving to digital, reducing spend costs and general costs, and improving control and the user experience are just some of the expectations on them. This Essential Handbook will help you deliver. And it’s a really good read.

It draws a P2P picture that all Procurement and P2P leaders want:

  • Setting up a Procurement and P2P operation such that highly paid employees stop wasting time on low-value tasks
  • Putting an end to laboriously researching and negotiating the best deals on contracts
  • Having immediate visibility on over-payments and missed sourcing opportunities
  • Having a real-time view of process bottlenecks and outliers
  • Mobile access to cut approval times by half
  • A crackdown on fraud and expense abuse
  • A reliable supplier risk audit to save you from researching the status and stability of each supplier

Download Handbook:

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