How Complex Businesses Running Off SAP Transform R2R

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Sarah Fane
Jun 3, 2024

Finance transformation projects in large enterprises require heroic levels of energy and focus. Planning and execution must be exact and smart.

What does it take to transform finance in a multi-billion-dollar company? Energy Transfer is a $78 Billion (USD) company with 700 accountants and 250 entities. It is one of the top 50 largest corporations in the United States. In this case study we explore how they automated and transformed finance operations.

We explore:

• The remarkable impact of automation at Energy Transfer, freeing-up 45,000 hours and reducing the number of applications required by the business.

• How technology can automate whole processes in finance, not just tasks, delivering tangible benefits in hours-saved and improved morale.

• A step-by-step guide to how to automate Task Management, Balance Sheet Certification and Manual Journal Entry with Redwood and dramatically improve efficiency, visibility, and scalability.

• The dos and don’ts of running a successful implementation program on-time and on-budget in Record-to-Report (R2R).

If you operate within Record to Report, run SAP and operate within a multi-billion enterprise company, download the report!

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