Indirect Tax: The Missing Piece in Digital Transformation

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Sarah Fane
Nov 29, 2022

Yes, digital transformation is everywhere.


But, unfortunately, when it comes to planning for digital transformation, nearly every team overlooks one thing: indirect tax requirements.


What’s the cost of this oversight? Two biggies spring to mind:


1/ Cost to the business of being non-compliant

2/ The rework after implementation which costs more to the business than baking needs in upfront


sharedserviceslink and Vertex have gotten together to create an e-book on the cost of not prioritizing tax, and what to do about it.


Download this e-book to discover:

 ·       Why ERPs aren’t enough to ensure compliance, and how to address this   problem

·       What top performing companies do to secure VAT’s spot at the top of the agenda

·       Four ways to get the attention of the wider business to address compliance concerns


Download this easy-to-read guide to help you navigate this complex landscape.

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