More Complex Work: Shared Services Coping Strategies

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Sarah Fane
Jun 8, 2023
Title reads:More Complex Work: Shared Services Coping Strategies. Picture of a business person pushing a boulder up a hill.

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In the last three years, work has changed a lot.

Not only are companies adapting to new working structures (working from home/managing hybrid set ups), but most shared services teams have taken on more work, and with that, more complex processes.

Many teams now find themselves struggling. Most shared services continue to apply manual practices when overseeing the “flow of work” through their organization. This is bearable when the team is small, growth is negligible, and the work is simple. But shared services organizations are different beasts.

We surveyed 100 senior finance professionals to understand how teams are navigating workplace change. This report summarizes our key findings.

Read on to discover:

• How leading companies distribute work differently based on competency and skill

• How to track, manage and streamline fragmented work

• How to stay on top of your increasing workload

This report aims to help you flourish under the flow of work.

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