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Where are Your Hidden Costs and Lurking VAT Compliance Risks

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Sarah Fane
Nov 28, 2022

New e-invoicing and real-time reporting mandates require finance and tax to adapt processes and find new ways of working.


To comply, businesses need to rally effort from tax, Finance and IT.


Which presents a problem...


Because of the functional spread here, it is incredibly hard to track, with any real level of precision, the amount of money companies are spending on compliance.


sharedserviceslink and Vertex are presenting some new, original research in an infographic report to help you understand:


-       The 6 areas where compliance costs might be hiding in your organization

-       Where ERPs fall short when it comes to compliance

-       3 Key areas to focus on to ensure compliance


This easy-to-read infographic will help you understand the challenges and help you identify and reduce many of the hidden costs in your organization.


Be a hidden cost hero. Download today. 

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