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R2R R2R Automation 5 Best Practices for an Easy Financial Close

In our latest survey from sharedserviceslink and Redwood, over half of companies say they wanted to spend less time on intercompany as well as accruals, provisions and reclassifications.


R2R R2R Automation How Arla Foods are Auto-certifying 73% of Account Reconciliation

Following a number of mergers, the A2R process at Arla Foods was chaotic and fragmented. Now, they are automating 98% of the close and seeing a 40-50% reduction in effort - find out how by downloading this case study.


R2R R2R Automation Automate 80% of Journal Entries in Just 6 Months

After developing a GBS in 2017 to transform finance, administration and HR, Faurecia turned their focus on automating manual tasks with the aim of achieving end-to-end process automation. Download this case study to reveal their fantastic results.


R2R R2R Automation Jumbo Automated Key Processes to Keep FTE Costs Low and Drive Efficiency

After centralising their finance, IT and HR functions to improve efficiency and transparency across what had become a complex integration following a number of acquisitions, Jumbo made the decision to automate key finance processes to keep FTE costs lean and drive productivity.


R2R Automation How ArcelorMittal Streamlined their R2R Processes

Find out how this multinational giant streamlined their R2R processes with great results.