10 Behaviours that Separate C2C Process Top Performers from Worst Performers


Looking at key performance metrics across the C2C process you will often be surprised by the yawning gap that exists between a Median Performer (not even worst performer) and a Top Performer. Let’s examine a few examples here provided by leading Benchmarking firm The Hackett Group:

1 – Customer Billing Rework:

Top Performer: 1%

Median Performer: 3%

2 – Average Time to Apply Cash:

Top Performer: 1.0 days

Median Performer: 1.3 days

3 – Invoices that Result in AR Disputes:

Top Performer: 1%

Median Performer: 2%


We invite you to watch our webinar led by Bryan DeGraw, Associate Principal and Global C2C Advisory Program Leader, The Hackett Group, to understand:

  • The Key Performance Metrics that separate the Worst and Top Performers
  • 10 characteristics of Top Performers that drive the advantage in performance
  • Steps you can take today to introduce the 10 positive characteristics into your C2C organization

Watch the presentation below:


Bryan DeGraw

Bryan DeGraw

The Hackett Group
Susie West

Susie West

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